Feb 20

2The way companies do business has changed immeasurably thanks to our increased use of the internet. Since most people are now using smartphones, tablets and wireless internet to work as well as play, brands looking to win new clients have to invest in the kind of media advertising that will reach across a wealth of new devices.

The good thing about modern marketing campaigns and the advent of advertising media is that it makes it easier than ever to identify and research prospective clients. This in turn can take some of the stress out of sending targeted material to interested parties. The guide below aims to answer some of your queries about advertising media and its place in your business strategy.

What is advertising media?

Once upon a time digital content was exclusive to computers and email. However, with the market now saturated with smartphones, tablets and social networking sites, advertising media has to work much harder to engage with customers. As a result, it covers a much broader range of content.

Advertising media includes any content that allows your brand to be marketed. Relying mostly on modern technology and including everything from social media, viral campaigns and video advertising to tailored content, advertising media has to be fast, dynamic and bold.

How can I use it?

Advertising media is perfect for companies looking to grow their brand. Used as part of a dynamic marketing approach, it can be instrumental in enabling businesses to follow up on leads and engage with desired audiences.

In an age ruled by digital devices, it is no longer enough to ‘show awareness’ of contemporary trends. You need to integrate it alongside more traditional marketing approaches in order to stand out from the crowd and make the most of your potential.

Correctly utilising modern technology can help you conserve resources and effectively target selected audiences. Although it can seem intimidating to spearhead a modern marketing strategy from scratch, there are many firms poised to help you achieve your goals.

By using media planning from Space & Time, you can orchestrate a strategy which will actively respond to the needs of your target audience in a very individual way. Introducing your idea, product or service to the consumer in a manner that feels personal is the key to ensuring you can turn client engagement into new business in a highly competitive market.

Nov 16

Panasonic has announced that it will release a twenty inch 4K Toughpad in January of next year. The company first revealed the huger tablet at the start of the year at CES, and has finally announced a real sale date and a price tag of about six thousand. According to Panasonic, the tablet is the thinnest twenty inch tablet and the lightest at only 2.3kg. Of course, it is the only twenty inch tablet in the world so that’s not a hard category to dominate.

The Panasonic tablet runs on Windows 8.1 Pro and has a 230ppi screen with a 3840 x 2560 resolution. It comes equipped with 2GB of VRAM, 256GB of storage space, and 8GB of RAM which should be enough for just about any daily use. The tablet is powered by the Nvidia GeForce 745M GPU with an Intel Core i5 processor. It also has an HD 720p webcam complete with a microphone, on board SDXC card slot, Bluetooth 4.0, and USB 3.0.

All of the specs sound great, but disappointedly the battery is only going to offer about two hours of usage before it dies. Apparently it is a lot to power all twenty inches of the screen, but at least for two hours you don’t have to worry about reading the small print.

It does live up to its name because the Toughpad is able to take drops from many different heights and even angles because it has a strong GFRP rear case and a magnesium alloy chassis. Its main target audience are museums, hospitals, construction sites, and galleries. Of course, any other rough workplaces are also the target industries for the high end tablet, but those who simply love big screens are likely going to fall in love with the large slate.

Nov 13

Dell has a very unique problem as a number of their customers have complained that the Latitude 6430u Ultrabook smells like cat urine when it is in use. While no one wants to smell this while working at home, it potentially could be even more embarrassing for those who tend to work in public settings and don’t want to smell like they haven’t bathed in days.

Engineers for Dell have stated that biological contamination is not to blame, and that the smell is not any type of health threat so users should not be concerned. Instead, the company says that the manufacturing process is to blame and it has been adjusted so that a product that is worth a few thousand pounds does not smell like the litter box by the end of the day.

Users that want to have a fresh smelling laptop are asked to send their laptops back to Dell so that replacement parts can be placed inside of it. The problem was first brought to Dell’s attention back in June when users of the high end business computer started to notice something stinky (literally) about their purchase.

At first Dell asked users of the computer to use compressed air to clean out the laptop air vents, but users continued to complain that the smell would not go away. Then in September a customer asked whether or not it could be the polymer that smells and whether or not it might be a health hazard.

Dell then conducted an investigation and found that the smell was not hazardous even though it was bothersome. A report from a Dell technician stated that the smell is not related to any biological contaminant or to cat urine. All laptops that are ordered now will not have that smell.

Oct 25

It was with a great deal of enthusiasm that developers in Japan welcomed the new Tizen build-kit tablet that was unveiled by Systena. This first Tizen development kit tablet will help the developers to create tablet-oriented apps before the launch of the Tizen tablet.

The display of the Tizen tablet has a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels; it is WUXGA type having a size of 10”. The ARM Cortex A9 processor is quad-core 1.4GHz having 2GB RAM. The memory storage is an inbuilt 32GB expandable using SD card. It has the latest Tizen OS offering, Tizen 2.1. There are two cameras, one front facing VGA camera and one rear facing 2 MP camera. One can opt for a red or a white colour tablet; Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are optional extras.

There are scanty details regarding the price or the launch date of the Tizen tablet. The only thing one knows for sure (according to Sammobile) is that Samsung will release its Tizen smartphone on October 26. Earlier, some people saw the leaked version of the Tizen 3.0, based on Samsung Galaxy S4 design, which gave people an idea of the user interface of the OS.

The images of Tizen OS show a lockscreen similar to the one on Samsung Touch UI. The UI for its part looked a lot like the one on Windows Phone. One could see notifications on top of the lockscreen and a few app controls. Among the other UI features one could see include the dial pad interface that is much like the Android.

The Music player appears quite attractive as well. Many people expect many more features from the Tizen 3.0 OS. Prominent among those is the secure environment for app development with a framework for social services.


Oct 22

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) set up an advisory panel that released a report suggesting the need to ease the restrictions on use of e-readers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The report indicated that there was no scientific evidence to support the switching off of these devices when the aircraft was landing or taking off or taxiing.

However, FAA administrator Michael Huerta said it needed time to look into the safety aspects first before it considered any changes recommended by the panel. Mr. Huerta went on to add that FAA was still recovering from the effects of the federal government shutdown that lasted 16 days, however, they would be unveiling the new rules quite soon.

The FAA regulations are drawn up for US airlines only but a spokeswoman from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Britain’s equivalent. indicated that they would be monitoring the report by the panel and how FAA reacts to the findings.

Mr. Huerta also added that restrictions on text messaging and calls on the mobile were likely to remain, unless the aircraft had special provisions for allowing them. However, restrictions on other electronic items might not hold. Both the European Union and CAA were responsible for regulations within Britain.

CAA does not permit any operation of transmitting portable-electronic device (T-PED) once the aircraft commences movement or is in the process of landing. They fear that the radio waves might interfere with the operations of the aircraft. Users could operate them once the aircraft reached cruise heights above 10,000 feet. CAA voiced its concern regarding this matter on its website. They said that the added effect of several T-PEDs operating during the critical take off and landing phases could be detrimental to the well being of operations.

According to a leaked study report in 2011, the possibility of incidents attributable to mobile phone and its operations at least 75. One case was when the auto pilot of the aircraft disengaged possibly due to the use of iPods and tablets by passengers.



Oct 12

On average a person will lose over 5.5 days per year at the hands of a slow running computer, according to a recent study. The study of UK laptop and PC users has shown almost 1 third (30%) of users have had their mood spoiled by a computer running slowly and almost 1 fifth (17%) have taken their frustration out on their machine, often causing physical damage to the equipment.

The study was conducted by SanDisk, a large flash memory company, and shows that computer users in the UK had lost over 130 hours of their free time last year due to slow computers, files and applications. Users in the UK have been waiting over 10 minutes for their computer or laptop to load in some cases and this problem is now seen as one of the major stressful events of everyday life faced by users.

Known as “digital-downtime”, a quarter of respondents to the survey have suggested that this is equal to waiting for a boiler repair. The list of everyday stress also includes waiting for public transport (30% said this was most stressful) and waiting for a table at a restaurant which hasn’t been reserved (30%).

A spokesperson for SanDisk, Stephan Kratzer has expressed concern that UK PC users are wasting time too often while waiting for a computer to load and that people are wanting to get more of that time back, to have more free time in order to do more of the things that they enjoy. He also expressed that it is time for UK PC users to start getting back some of the time lost to digital downtime.

Oct 6

Symantec, who are experts in computer security, have successfully taken down a large portion of the largest network of infected computers, ZeroAccess. There are about 1.9 million computers in this network, which Symantec started fighting against and to date have successfully freed half a million of these.

Criminals use these computers to engage in fraudulent business online with many of them doing advertising fraud while others run internet based systems that involve currencies. People refer to these computers as Zombies. The latest success cannot be celebrated for long because the viral script, botnet, is always trying to infect any of the computers it comes into contact with.

Orla Cox, who is a Security Operations Manager at Symantec told BBC that at the company has removed about a quarter of the computers that are within ZeroAccess’s network. This means the criminals now have their fraudulent income reduced by one quarter.

What the criminals do is called click fraud and involves clicking of ads to generate money that is paid to the publishers. Infected computers are also used in Bitcoin mining especially because the service allows people to remain anonymous hence a great loophole for fraudsters who want to engage in illegal activity.

What makes it hard to fight the spread of the botnet is the fact that there is no central point where it is controlled. Instead, all communication happens within sub groups and peers and everything is so decentralized such that the individual groups can operate autonomously.

According to Ms Cox, the company wiped out about a quarter of the bots through cutting their links with the main network in July. She however noted that a new version of the botnet script has been released and is going round the internet.

The new ZeroAccess script it stronger than its predecessors and is aimed to fight attempts to fight it. For this to be attained, Symantec had to build its own infected network of computers with the botnet to study how it functions so as to develop ways of fighting it. No one has been held responsible for such attacks so far.


Sep 12

Those who do not know much about satellite phones think of them as just another kind of mobile phone though this is certainly not the case. These phones are a different breed of phones altogether. In fact, it would be better to have them in a category different from ordinary mobile phones.

Appearance and functionally of these phones

The latest generation of satellite phones is lightweight and compact to look just like ordinary mobile phones. Though there is overlapping of some of the functions of these phones with cell phones, there are also obvious differences in display, buttons, and the options available. These phones are anyhow much more efficient as far as connectivity is concerned as they point out your location using GPS system.

You cannot start using satellite phones anywhere like a GSAM cell phone. You have to take out the antenna to receive a call through a satellite phone. You also need to be out in the open with no hindrance from hard and solid objects. If you want to use a satellite phone as a mobile phone, your carrier must be able to provide features of over dial and inward dial. Call rates are high though they depend upon your carrier and your location.

Communicating across the world

There are regional as well as global carriers providing satellite services. At times, you may think that your satellite phone is not working at all but this could be because of obstructions such as tall buildings and even natural structures. Sometimes it is the inability of the satellite as is the case with Inmarsat between South and North Poles.

These phones make use of special numbers. You can use a satellite phone to make a local call if your carrier provides the facility of Inward dial and over dial.


Sep 10

According to estimates made by Optometric Association, nearly 93% of all those who use computers display symptoms of strain in their eyes. Anyone who sits on computers for even a short duration of 2 hours daily will experience strain symptoms now or later. Thus it is clear that this applies to every individual in the country, including kids.

Only a decade and a half ago, there was not internet for most of us and Microsoft had not released Windows 95. Why go that back as Google was an unknown entity only a decade ago and there was no connectivity without wires. The company way ahead of others in internet terms was AOL.

As late as 2006, there was no smartphone (read iPhone) and E-reader and kids made use of computers in schools to compete their projects. Recently there was a paper published in Computers in Human Behaviour that talked about an epidemic among users of computers that was spreading at an alarming rate but most of us are unaware of it. This paper was titled Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Print material is becoming obsolete and we are getting used to soft copies of documents. Human eyes are not used to pixelated documents and they are putting heavy demands on our vision. These documents have text that appears brighter in the middle and fuzzier on the edges. This is different from traditional print that is solid all along. This difference causes strain in our eyes that has been called CVS.

To protect ourselves, we must make use of digital eyewear as other methods of protection are based upon hit and trial. You cannot mess with your eyes and use anything to keep them free from strain. Use quality digital eyewear to keep the stress away. Imagine glaring at computer screen for hours whereas we spend only a few minutes under the sun every day.


Aug 22

The new Xbox One, Microsoft’s latest inception of their best-selling games console will contain a high performance custom chip that the technology giant has designed in collaboration with AMD; Advanced Micro Devices. This has been created with only one aim; to deliver a maximum performance in the graphics department, so say the presenters at the Microsoft Hot Chips conference.

This low power high performance chip has gone way beyond GPU and CPU with its specialised processors so it can handle such tasks as video encoding and decoding, audio processing and other characteristics of small gaming. In total, the system boasts 5bn transistors and uses an 8 core CPU from AMD with the code name of Jaguar. Interestingly enough, this same chip is also being used by their biggest rival Sony in the PlayStation 4. The Radeon GPU graphics processor has, however, been specially customised for the Xbox One.

John Sell is hardware architect for Microsoft and he has spoken about the new console and its super chip. He says that practically every aspect of it has been customised and it has 500GB of storage as well as 8GB of DDR3 memory as well as 47MB worth of on-die storage that can be used as a cache to temporarily store information.

The GPU will also be providing over a teraflop of peak performance and the AMD x86 CPU is based on the core of Jaguar and was first introduced last year for servers, laptops and PC’s. The 8 CPU cores are broken down into clusters of 4 cores that have a total of 4MB with L2 cache. Sell also said that they had made some vital adjustments to the CPU clusters in order to support a coherent bandwidth between both clusters and the other processors.


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